Chalk paint bathroom vanity

I know that I’m typically a book review blogger but this last week I did something so impressive for me that I had to share.  Drum roll (for those of you that didn’t read the title). I painted my old bathroom vanity with chalk paint.  All by myself. And it actually looks pretty good!!               So here is my old boring vanity 276D6C1F-B96E-4127-92DF-24464B666985 I cleaned the cabinets off with Clorox bleach wipes.  And then started painting with a beautiful blue chalk paint.  These are the supplies I used. 5E287072-5013-4684-8FBC-0C6BC0676C38  The first coat of pain is rough looking.  Like I’m worried that I made a huge mistake and I’m going to have to live with ugly cabinets for the rest of my life rough.1E2E1FCA-D76F-43BC-B6C9-4E4948F49490Also if you have asshole pets this is the time to kick them out so they don’t judge your hard work. 4901B0ED-CB13-40AB-9CBE-8FA839AFA419I did 2-3 coats of the chalk paint.  Let it dry.  Followed up with two coats of the polycrylic top coat and voila!!! BD5F0667-4774-49EB-B043-1AEC96151C44Freakin amazing!!  And it only took me a few hours over a couple days!!  For sure going to do my other two bathrooms and maybe my kitchen if I’m feeling crazy this summer!!


The Jane Austen Project

By: Kathleen A Flynn

I downloaded the audiobook because I had a long drive to my parent’s house to pick up the kids and was consumed by the dialogue, characters, plot, and premise of this book.  I plugged in my headphones and listen every chance I got.  I made my kids listen to it on the short drives to the store.  This book would not let me go until I finished it

short synopsis:

Two researchers are sent back in time to the 1800s to steal an unpublished Book and letters by Jane Austen.  The researchers are faced with the dilemma of befriending the author and having to steal from her and watch her deathly illness progress.


This Book was a combination of historical fiction, dystopian society, and Austen literature.  I loved how Rachel would one minute by high society proper British and next her true American F bomb self.  She was an amazing actress for the duos mission.  I loved how even in a place where women were seen and not heard she still stood up for herself and the other people who could not stand up for themselves.  Rescuing Tom from the chimney sweeps was just the first time she stood up to men who thought they could do what they pleased.  However without Liam backing her she would never have got away with her behavior due to the atrocious way women were treated then.  It’s saddening that most of the women just accepted that they were beneath the men and even women, Jane, who knew this was not true still just smiled and kept their mouths shut about it.  I would never be able to survive like that even knowing it was only for a short time.

The time travel aspect was interesting in this novel.  It started out with there being a concern for the characters to not disrupt anything in the past in order to preserve the future.  When they came home to the present they had disrupted the past which in turn altered their present to a new reality.  This new reality encourage time travel to change the past in order to alter the future to how they wanted.  Most time travel novels I have read all encourage the characters to leave the past undisturbed.  This is a new concept to me to have society pro past changing without a concern for serious changes in the future.  I’m sure that would have more consequences than some additional Jane Austen novels.  I wonder how many people’s existences would vanish on a regular basis?  It’s an odd idea for a society to accept.  I’m not sure how people wiped out weights out evenly the changes for society’s common good?

Of course there was a love interest between the main character and her research partner.  The ending was adorable.  Even though Rachel and Liam ended up in a different version of themselves and Liam’s version was much better in this reality he still wanted Rachel.  Loved this book. Highly recommend it!

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!  Feel free to comment!

Happy reading friends!!


Annihilation the Movie

I have not been to the movie theater in over a year and a half (because toddlers don’t do good in movies) and was excited for this movie because I read the book series a few months ago.  First thing first.  The movie is NOTHING like the book!   NOTHING!!  If the movie had a different title you would not even know it was related to the book.  I want to first touch on all the differences and things that pissed me off and then we will get into what was good in the movie as opposed to the book.


The main issue I felt was the tower.  Mainly because there was no tower. No crawler no words on the wall no breathing in the substance on the wall.  None of that.  That was one of the major components of the book and it was not even included in the movie.  The biologist, who has a name in the movie which annoyed me, never gets infected by the mold on the wall except when she leaves the shimmer, not even referred to as area X, she has an infected glow in her eyes.  Ghost bird is never mentioned and ghost bird is not who comes out of area X.  It’s lena, the biologist, who does.  Lena kills ghost bird.

There were too many girls on the mission and they did not even have the right credentials.  The one girl turning into the tree person instead of dying scared and painfully was kind beautiful.  Still suicide, but at least she died peacefully at her choosing.

The relationship she has with her husband was good for the movie, but not accurate with the book.  She had a decent relationship with her husband besides for the affair.  Which had no relevance to the movie.  How did her sleeping with the colleague contribute to anything going on in the movie.  Back to her relationship with her husband.  My favorite part of the entire book series is in the third book when the biologist goes to the abandoned island and meets the owl who is implied to be her husband.  The relationship she develops with the husband owl is beautiful and caring and true.  Ultimately it shows the biologist at her best and truly demonstrates that even though she might not be able to understand or deal with humans she can still make a relationship work in her own way.  I legitimately ugly cried after I read that chapter and then immediately reread it.  I hate that the movie made the biologist like her human husband and he blew himself up with a grenade so he is not coming back as an owl.

There was no hypnosis. There was way to many guns. The crocodile was pointless the bear was unnecessary and where were the journals in the lighthouse.

Now I know you have all been waiting to talk about that dance with the mirror image at the end.  That shit was creepy.  Honestly I would rather deal with four throat ripping, voice stealing bears than ever meet my mirror.  However one my friends at the theater with me confessed she thought it was going to turn into a rape scene and now that’s all I can think about.  When the mirror pushed her up against the door there was definitely a rapey vibe and all the cat slapping is a good lead up to a “rape” which turns into angry sex scene.  I’m actually glad my friend told me her rape interpretation because it starved off the potential nightmares from that last dance.

What a clean ending for that one grenade to take down the entire area X and it was nice to have some answers as opposed to the books which literally have NO answers.

I feel like it was left open for a second movie with Lena coming home to her ghost bird husband, but if they don’t make a sequel that would be good too.

My friends interpretation “It was not bad but YOU had to make it good.”

I would love to hear your thoughts and interpretations especially from those of you who have read and watch!

Happy reading friends!!


Rules of Civility

By: Amor Towles

So I’m taking a break from reading books coming to movie this year and read this book which was a quick historical fiction read with just enough substance to get you from start to finish.  It takes place in the late 1930s which I have found to be a very romanticized decade when focusing on the upper class which this book does.

Quick synopsis: Young New York native Katy Kontent spends a year evolving and growing while experiencing the Jazz nightlife of New York’s well to do.  Honestly that pretty much sums it up. If I tell you anymore I’ll have to put spoiler in front of it.


I enjoyed the constant wit throughout this book and I loved how modern KK was.  My favorite line in the whole book came from KK herself during the dinner party hosted by Tinker and Eve.

“ Bucky dear, his wife warned, you’re slurring your words.”

“Slurring is the cursive of speech, I observed”

I actually saved it in my notes so that next time I’ve drank too much and can’t speak correctly I can fire that one off.  This exchange is a prime example of the book though.  Lots of gin, lots of champagne, and lots of jazz.

With the book starting in the sixties you knew that KK and Tinker were not going to get together, but I was little surprised still that he was sleeping with Anne and then abdoned his whole life to slum in the dock district.  I figured he was going to die in the war like good old Wallace and that would be why they never got together.  I also thought it was ridiculous that Dicky pretty much told Katy to forgive Tinker.  He chose to prostitute himself out to old Anne and he chose to lie about it to K and to Evelyn, her best friend.  Maybe his dad did squander all of his tuition money and maybe sleeping with Anne was his only way to get his foot in the door and yes Eve did blow him off, but how is that Kate’s issue? I don’t know why she went looking for him or why she would even give him the time of day after that.  Especially since she worked hard for everything she had.

I loved reading about the parties and the lifestyle of the well to do that K would frequently brush shoulders with by chance or by meager connections.  Wallace of course was a doll and him dying during the war was unfortunate, but expected.   Dickey was adorable.  I love that he jumped in the tub with his socks on bc he was so excited for Katy and the note he wrote to the children and flew into their window as a paper airplane.

Our bastions are under attack from all sides.                                                              Our stores of ammunition are low.          Our salvation lies in your hands.               Peter Pan 

Adorable. I fell a little in love with Dickey that chapter.

The ending was mundane, the obsession with Washington’s rules of civility was overplayed, and someone help me but what was the last chapter even about? The two guys loading sugar onto the train.  Was it just a newcomers appreciation of New York or was there something I missed?

Now after it is all said and done.  I enjoyed this book.  I would give it 4/5 stars and I already went and reserved my copy of this authors other book.

Feel free to share your thoughts or comments below.

Happy Reading Friends!!27A2298F-02C2-4DE8-926D-FC67499BA828

Every Day

By: David Levithan

So this is another book that is going to be coming to theaters sometime later this year.  I’ve decided I’m going to bust through all the books coming to movies his year so that if I go on a date and the other persons picks the movie then I won’t spend the whole time pissed that I have not read the book yet.

Quick synopsis: This individual inhabits a new body every time it wakes up.  Fall asleep one person and wakes up another person every day.  Always the same age, but never the same person.  A girl is met while inhabitating one body and love is started.

Very interesting premise for a book and I was hooked pretty quickly in.  The author is a beautiful writer and he has many quotes, examples, and points of view that were very intriguing and heartfelt.


The author was very insightful into the basic human life with this book and there were many passages that popped up that I copied and pasted for me to dwell on later.  The first one that really struck a cord with me was this.

“We all want everything to be okay. We don’t even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous or outstanding. We will happily settle for okay, because most of the time, okay is enough.”

Maybe because I’m recently going through a breakup, but this thought hit me hard.  How true is it that most of us settle.  We settle in relationships, we settle in jobs, we settle in our life without even thinking that we deserve marvelous.  Yes outstanding takes work and patience and perseverance, but why do we not think we derseve it? I know I sound like your high school guidance councilor, but I deserve fantastic and I’m not settling for okay anymore.  Maybe you should not either.

This next passage that got me is pretty redundant of the first so I’m just going to let you read it bc it you are in a similar place as me then you might need it.

“There are many things that can keep you in a relationship,” I say. “Fear of being alone. Fear of disrupting the arrangement of your life. A decision to settle for something that’s okay, because you don’t know if you can get any better. Or maybe there’s the irrational belief that it will get better, even if you know he won’t change.”

So this next paragraph that made me put the book down and think was this one.

“It’s only in the finer points that it gets complicated and contentious, the inability to realize that no matter what our religion or gender or race or geographic background, we all have about 98 percent in common with each other. Yes, the differences between male and female are biological, but if you look at the biology as a matter of percentage, there aren’t a whole lot of things that are different. Race is different purely as a social construction, not as an inherent difference. And religion—whether you believe in God or Yahweh or Allah or something else, odds are that at heart you want the same things. For whatever reason, we like to focus on the 2 percent that’s different, and most of the conflict in the world comes from that.”

Wow!  Yes we are all humans and yes most of us inherently want the same things.  We want to be accepted, we want love, we want to do right by those we love, we want to be a part of something bigger.  Why do we squabble about whose God is better?  Why do we put down someone bc they “look different” than us?  Really someone who “looks different” actually still looks more like you, thinks more like you, and feels more like you than your dog does.  However we still think that we are different.  I’m not perfect and I’m guilty of thinking I’m better than someone based off education, looks, or some trivial difference, but why am I focusing on the 2%? I’m going to try to start focusing on the 98% similarities and maybe I can make my corner a little bit nicer.

I know we got a little deep so lets jump back into the 16 year old incomparably love that is a huge part of this book. Our main character A is big time going for gold in love with Rhiannon.  Not because she is beautiful, but because she is kind, funny, and looks at the 98% in people.  I’m not a big fan of 16 year old love, but A seems super sincere and maybe a little desperate especially since he told R his big secret that he has never told anyone and she believes him and still loves him in spite of being a body stealer.  I also realize I keep using the he pronoun which is not accurate since A does not have a set gender, but I felt like his voice felt more masculine and I’m going with it now.

I was overly disappointed with the ending.  I didn’t want him to steal anyone’s body.  I know that would be murdering and probably turn into a host like Book, but maybe he could have found someone dying or someone who was an actually murder and taken over their body for good? And what was he thinking just picking some random guy for R to fall for?  That was weird.  You can’t force feelings. Just bc A thought he was a nice guy does not mean he was right for R. Maybe he chewed with his mouth open or maybe he made this horrible grunting noise during sex or maybe he was a nose picker. All things that A could not have accessed from his memeory but would drive someone insane to date.   I feel like the ending could have been reworked into something better, but maybe the movie will have a more Hollywood ending.

Of course I’m still going to watch the movie.  The spirit of the book is genuine and so thoughtful and the trailer looks cute.

Feel free to share your thoughts opinions insights.  Whatever’s.

Happy reading friends!! 19FA2F5C-56C4-408F-9882-1A42A975BE7B

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

By: Becky Albertalli

So this book is also coming to theaters soon and the trailer looks adorable so I wanted to read it before I watched it.  I always like to read the book first so that I can come up with my own visuals before the movie inserts them for me.

Quick Synopsis: Simon is a junior at creekwood high and has recently started a pen pal like relationship with a fellow student who is also gay and has also not come out yet.  The catch. Neither Simon nor Blue ( the email pal) know who each other is.


I think adorable is the best way to describe this book. Yes it is high school first time love. Yes it is predictable and mushy.  However with our main character being into guys there are loads of descriptions of sexy high school boys with soccer calf’s.  I remember having a thing for soccer calf’s in high school too.

There are quite a few instances in this book that I feel need to be touched on.  The blackmailing by Martin.  It annoyed me to no end that he was unable or unwilling to recognize that him using Simon to get close to Abby was indeed blackmail.  I was slightly annoyed that Simon seemed to start to give him a pass when they were running lines at the Waffle House and even more so when he had the audacity to out Simon on the school page.  I don’t care if he is funny or if his brother is gay.  Martin is a trash person and deserves to live in a house of trash.  I’m glad that Simon did not respond to the apology email and I’m glad he did not forgive him.

Moving on from trash people.  I also got a little upset with Abby for being upset that Simon did not tell her he was being blackmailed and proceeded to invite Martin to things where Abby was in attendance so that Martin would not tell his biggest secret to everyone.  Abby should have been a little more understanding and recognized how she was helping a friend in crisis even if she didn’t know it.

Unfortunately because I did watch the trailer for this book already I had an early assumption that Baum was Blue based off the gorgeous mocha skinned boy that appears in the trailer.  I love how the boys started their relationship solely based off personality without any idea what the other looked like.  I think more online relationships would have a higher success rate if you judged people off common interest and shared personality traits as opposed to looks.  Obviously.

The parents were so understanding which was amazing and really most of the school was very supportive when trash man came out for Simon. Besides for a couple douchbags most of the students didn’t seem to care too much about who Simon wanted to kiss which is great.  If it does not concern you then mind your own business.

I cant say it enough, but this book is adorable.  The last couple chapters when Simon and Baum are Facebook official just melt my cynical heart.  I hope you guys enjoyed this book as much as I did.

Happy reading friends!! 3C9A7307-FF10-4E13-BACC-9ED59D2765CB

Ready Player One


By: Ernest Cline

I actually read this book mid last year before I had started this blog, but since this book is coming to theaters in March I’m going to do my thoughts and reviews on it now.  First off this was the first audio book I ever listened to and it was amazing.  It is read by Wil Wheaton who does an epic job with voices and tones throughout the entire novel.

Quick synopsis: This book takes place in the near future where the world has essentially crumbled and is now an ugly grim place where most people escape into the OASIS. The OASIS is a virtual reality created by James Halliday which consists of thousands of worlds that users can travel to and explore.  On the death of Halliday he releases a video with information about a hidden treasure hunt to find his Easter egg with the winner recieving his vast fourtune.

Out hero Wade Watts aka Parzival joins in this hunt for most of his life. The hunt takes him through obscene amounts of 80s trivial and pop culture, a love interest that surpasses basic beauty, and friends that are more than what you see on first glance.

In short.  This book is AMAZE-BALLS!

This next area is going to be full of spoilers so non readers beware.

So right off the bat I love when the main character is described as socially awkward and overweight.  I would much rather read about a real life description as opposed to beautiful people with perfect bodies and oh yeah they just didn’t happen to know they were beautiful because that commonly happens in the real world.  I love the concept of the OASIS school.  Hell I love the whole concept of the OASIS.  If the OASIS was an actual concept I would be a super nerd like Wade and never leave either.  Not saying that I’m not a super nerd now but moving on.

I thought it was perfect that Halliday hid the first key on the school world so that anyone regardless of money or ranking would have a chance to play.  Wade of course beat the first level on his first try while Art3mis has been trying to beat it for weeks.  I know he is our main character and had to be a BA, but that is a lot of spare time practice to be beating the entire video game on your first go.

A concern throughout the book is Wades interest and spare time.  He is so obsessed with Halliday and with finding the Easter egg that all of his interest and hobbies are what Halliday told him they should be.  Throughout the book he has zero original thoughts or extra curricular activities.  I know that finding the egg will change his live in good ways forever, but does he ever read a book or watch a movie that is not from the 80s? Even H (I know that is not how it is spelled but bc I did the audiobook this is how I picture his/her name) who is obsessed with Halliday’s quest just as much as wade still goes to other worlds and battles and does things not for the egg.  Art3mis has a blog.  Yes it is about the quest, but at least she is putting her own perspective on it.  And then Wade with nothing but school the stacks and that egg.

So now Sorrento and those Fucking sixers blowing up the stacks and killing sweet old Mrs. Gilmore and I guess also wades aunt and her boyfriend and all the other poor people there.  What a dick move.  I know they are desperate for that egg, but that is some serious psycho move to be murding all those people.  I understand why the organization is hiring all the sixers to find the egg, but it’s crazy to me that Sorrento thinks he is more than just a number to IOI. Maybe he has never worked for a big corporation before because he should have taken some early precautions for when IOI found an easier avenue without him.  A corporation like that will only keep you around until they find the next step higher than you then you are out.

The last great battle when Parzival called for help from the entire OASIS was pretty epic. It was very uplifting to see all the “little players” readily jump in to help stick it to the man.  Of course he won, of course he got the fortune, the fame and the girl.

I like how the book ended with him finally meeting Art3mis in person. I’m a sucker for a good love story.

Now I know that I left out ALOT of stuff from the book, but my toddler has been a monster all day and this is what you get. Feel free to comment like share tell me what I forgot to talk about what you though made the book amazing or how much you hate the book and think the movie is going to suck.  FYI I think this movie is going to be Fucking Stellar and I’m stoked about it.  I might have been talking about it since October so expect a post about the movie in March.

Happy reading friends!